Wedding Stationery & Invitations

The prices of wedding stationery and invitations will vary depending on the quantity ordered, card that they are printed on and the amount of customisations that are required. if you like an existing design and just want to change the text and the colours then the price will be much lower than if you want a bespoke design to be created for you. Prices usually work out at around £1-£1.50 per invitation.

The difference between my pricing and other wedding stationary websites is that I price them based on the cost of printing and the design time required  – that means that the pricing is fair and you won’t be charged a set price per invitation which can often makes the cost sky rocket if you need a large quantity. Often the more you order, the better the value and the lower cost per invitation.

I also offer package deals when ordering multiple items of matching stationary. Get in touch for a quote and I’ll see what I can offer.


50% of the payment will be required up front for all orders and the remainding amount will be charged after the design is approved and before the invitations are delivered.

Payment can be made by bank transfer or Paypal.